Welcome to Sprout Gallery.
My name is Michelle Grayson and I have loved painting and illustrating since I can remember. I hail from a family of creative souls (my mother Phoebe in particular) so my memories of birthdays and Christmas were crayon caddies, paints and brushes. I studied graphic design and fine arts so I  spent the nineties and following decade trying my hand at all sorts of creative and sometimes not so creative jobs.  I love to paint timeless, iconic things - a fashion piece or item that takes me back to an era of elegance and nostalgia.

A blue and white Willow teacup or plate, a 1920s 
bathing cap, an old suitcase or ming vase - all reminders of my beautiful
grandmother and her global adventures during the 1920s and beyond. And of course, my own travels and adventures - old and new ones that I am now making with my husband and children - holidays, trips to the beach, vintage shop finds, socks on clotheslines, things we love to touch, tase and collect together... These are a few of my favourite things...






My art career spans more than 35 years of painting, exhibiting, teaching, workshops and classes. These areas and activities have been a large part of my life, but in my later years I am more attracted to the natural world, especially flowers.

The love of blooms comes from memories of my mother’s garden and as a child, this was my place of thoughts and dreams. This colorful sanctuary was my temple of imagination and creation and a refuge away from the daily grind of a large family.

Mother Nature gives us such beautiful displays every season and we should try and capture these exhibitions of light, shape and colour. We should enjoy her gifts as much as possible.

Phoebe runs water based oil classes at Bulimba in Brisbane every Saturday morning. For further details click here

I have loved the principle of beauty in all things - John Keats  


Sprout Gallery is unique because all the artworks are hand drawn and painted - not generated on the computer. It feels more personable and individual.

These artworks are then made into beautiful art reproductions printed on the finest quality Hahnemuhle paper rag using archival inks. Prints are very affordable and often look better than the real piece. Sometimes the colours are even better, more vibrant. It’s all to do with the paper and inks used. We have now even reproduced artworks onto beautiful feature cushions and tea towels.

In 2019 Sprout Gallery collaborated with Maiocchi Fashion House (www.maiocchi.com.auto design a stunning range for the 2019 Spring Collection featured at Brisbane Fashion Week. Inspiration came from the popular Spode Willow design among other Sprout Gallery artwork and was wonderfully revealed in the Pretty Please collection.